batití  Hiligaynon. Nursing, care; to nurse, rear, bring up, take good care of children, of invalids, of the sick, etc. Batitihá ang bátà sing maáyo. Take great care of the baby. Nurse the baby well. Ibatití akó ánay siníng bátà.  Batití because it  is our commitment to nurture young minds so that they can take part to the development of our society. 


Batiti Ground Inc. was established in 2016 under Philippine laws. A subsidiary of Educate Simplify Healthcare Education Company, an LA-based educational company. BGI is capacity development company that runs community-based trainings and workshops to encourage professional and skills development. We are a capacity development institution that provides services to non-profits, local government units and government agencies. Our services include Capacity Development to communities, institutions, professionals and students; Youth Development Programs; Community Health Education to underserved communities and Continuing Education to our board professionals.

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Our Advocacy

Training and Development

BGI facilitates activities aimed at bettering the job performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings. It is our mission to provide skills training for professionals and budding young professionals in order for them to render effective performance at their workplace.

Youth Development Programs

BGI provides a venue for young people to access peer-counseling and mentorship where teens can improve their socializing skills, improve study habits, develop new skills and most importantly, become their best potential

Continuing Education

BGI vision is to create a stronger Philippines by building effective and efficient human capital. Our institution is a Certified Professional Development Unit Provider by the Philippine Professional Regulatory Commission.

Community Development

BGI works together with communities, non-profits, CSOs, Local Government Units, and national agencies to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems in communities we serve.

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